Plumbing Leaks and Trees Through Your Roof?

Dated: September 27 2019

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Could you imagine coming home after work to find water flooding out of your front door?  That’s what happened to me in 2005. I had replaced some cabinets in the bathroom the prior weekend and the hoses weren’t connected correctly.  

Water had entered every room and was at least an inch deep.  I was 32 years old and clueless as to handle the situation correctly.  So I made a lot of mistakes.

#1.  I failed to call the insurance company.  

#2.  I was friends with the owners of the company who did the work.  So I felt bad if I called to make a claim with their insurance company. So I didn’t do that either.

#3.  I decided to accept them (the company who did the work) to simply come over and rip up the wet carpeting without expecting anything additional from them.  (I planned to add tile so it didn’t matter)

Oh boy, taken advantage of at the expense of another person’s negligence.  I was terrified to call the insurance company, and in the end I never called.

Do you know how many stories we’ve heard similar to this one?  It can be scary when something goes wrong with your house.  

This week, I’ve brought in Matt Munitz with Restore Now.  Whether a pipe bursts, a tree comes through the roof, mold grows from an AC leak, or you have broken windows from storm debris, Restore Now is one of the first people to call.  

Let’s find out how Matt can help us during times of accidental home damage.

Amy:  Hi Matt!  Thank you for helping out so many homeowners.  Can you please share what you do?

Matt: Thank you for having me!  And of course.  Restore Now provides emergency services for clients that have sustained damage to their home caused by a hurricane, flood, plumbing leaks, mold, bio hazard, wind damage, roof leaks, and a tree on a house, vehicle or building.

Amy:  That’s a lot of things that could go wrong.  Eeks, bio hazard? That doesn’t sound pleasant.  Remind me to tell you one day when I found out I purchased a home where somebody was murdered in it.  Not good.

Matt:  Oh gosh.  Okay. Well, a bio hazard is never good.  Though when it comes to home owners, we have a passion for helping people in need, and there aren’t a lot of people willing to help clean things up.

Amy:  I know I could never do that.  You do have such a good heart, Matt.  And how long have you been in the business?

Matt:  We’ve been doing this for 11 plus years.  

Amy:  That’s a long time.  So what are people calling you about most?

Matt:  Most people call us because they have had accidental damages – mostly damage from plumbing leaks, tarping after a storm, hurricane damage, or even temporary repairs, like boarding up a window.

Amy:  It’s really a great service.  And how are you able to help the high demand of people who need you after a storm or hurricane?

Matt:  Well, we have a large team of staff ready to help 24/7, several trucks to dispatch, and a very large list of tree removal contractors with all of the necessary equipment for the job.  The main goal is to minimize further damage and secure the property to ensure the structure is as safe as possible.

Amy:  So what does that look like?  What are the exact steps after a hurricane passes and there is damage?

Matt:  In the event your home is damaged by a named storm you should contact the insurance company ASAP. Once they have been notified then a call to Restore Now is next and we’ll take care of the rest. Restore Now will document the damages both in writing and with photos to send to the adjuster. We will also secure the property to ensure that the structure is safe and as secure as possible.

Amy:  And how long would it take to have the trees removed?

Matt:  During a hurricane it depends on the amount of widespread damage.  Tree removal can take up to several days to complete during a hurricane. If the tree on the roof is from a normal storm, then the tree removal and tarp can be completed within 24 hours. Both services can be performed any time day or night.

Amy:  Well that sounds easy enough.  And then what happens?

Matt:  Sit back and try to relax as we take care of the demo and repairs. Restore Now doesn’t just perform the work.  We manage the claim for the insured and communicate directly with the insurance company to make it easy..

Amy:  And then how are homeowners paying you?

Matt:  In most cases our invoices for emergency services and mitigation are paid in full by the insurance carriers. For additional repairs and upgrades the insurance company is not responsible for, then the insured will pay for that additional work.

Amy:  That makes sense.   And I hear you also chase storms?  Is that true?

Matt:  Ha, no we aren’t storm chasers.  However, for hurricane damage we do travel to affected areas and set up a temporary office to handle the influx of work.  We remain in the area until all the work has been completed.

Amy:  That makes sense, and I’m sure communities appreciate you going to help.  May I ask what other words of advice you would like to share?

Matt:  Sure!  It’s important that everybody knows their hurricane deductible to ensure it’s affordable.  Your hurricane deductible can be reduced from 2% to $0 in exchange for an increased premium.  All homeowners should shop their insurance every year to ensure they are getting the best deal available. I highly recommend using a local insurance broker that represents multiple carriers. 

Amy:  That’s great advice, Matt.  Thank you so much for sharing.  As always, it’s such great information for homeowners.  

Matt:  You’re very welcome, Amy.  Thank you for having me! I’m happy to help anybody when there is a need.

For further questions when there is any type of damage, please be sure to reach out to me.  My contact information is found below. Also, be sure to check out our earlier posts on Your Homeowner’s Insurance:  Friend or Foe and Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Storms, Oh My!.  

Have a wonderful week, and we’re looking forward to October’s Scary Real Estate Stories to help you and your friends stay safe when buying and selling a home.

~ Amy, Unraveling Real Estate Obscurities

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