Navigating Anxiety

Dated: April 6 2020

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Prior to starting my real estate career, I spent the better part of a decade counseling those in need – people struggling with job losses, homelessness, and addictions.  All of them dealing with unfortunate life burdens – challenges that engender anxiety and fear, much as Covid-19 is doing now. 

I developed specific skills back then which I apply today for the benefit of my family, my team and my clients.  In uncertain times, it is normal to harbor feelings of despair and it may seem difficult to stop yourself from dwelling on the unknown.

Solace is found in knowing you’re not alone. The entire world is experiencing similar thoughts and feelings. Let us choose to be kind to ourselves and to each other.  We will get through this. Together.  

As we stay in touch with our clients, we find a significant number are still curious about the real estate market.  My team regularly keeps our collective thumb on the pulse of the Central Florida market and here is our take: Reliance on traditional economic patterns to predict market trends is unreliable given the unprecedented reality of Covid-19 and its impact on employment and the economy. We do know the number of homes for sale right now has not been this low since 2005 and inventory has declined about 11% since November, 2019.  

At KeyBella, by analyzing this and similar information, we tailor strategies for every buyer and seller to assure their opportunities are maximized and risks diminished. 

For buyers, less competition may indicate we negotiate for a better price. We evaluate opportunities, because we track them based on price point and home condition.  For example, a home priced right that’s also in amazing condition could still procure multiple offers.  In fact, we just had 5 offers come in on one of our newest listings.

For sellers, KeyBella’s traditional and internet marketing expertise presents your home to the most interested buyers. You may need to wait a bit as buyers may not be able to look at homes or aren’t comfortable submitting an offer if they cannot see the home in person.  

If you must sell your property, you may need to price it to sell fast which equates to possibly giving up some equity in order to sell it in today’s “stay at home” climate.  Just know your house is most likely getting a lot of online views these days.  Hang in there.

What’s most essential in this market is to hire a well-qualified, experienced real estate professional.  At KeyBella, we’ve assembled a team of experts at negotiation, marketing, promotion and administration to help buyers and sellers navigate the process in choppy seas.  

While adhering to CDC guidelines, the KeyBella team is doing what it takes to create virtual tours of properties. We wear gloves.  We give out hand sanitizer. We maintain social distance.  New construction sets appointments with our team directly and we video the models.  There are ways to show homes while also being safe.

Many of you have asked for resources to help in your time of need.  Please reach out and call us directly.  From questions on mortgage rates to mortgage forbearance to small business loans to who do you know who’s hiring, we have ways to help. 

One day, we will all say, “Remember when”.  Stay safe and know we’re all in this together.

~Amy, Unraveling Real Estate Obscurities

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